About us

The Association for the Disabled SPES – began its activity as an informal group in 1986. The registration in the Regional Court in Katowice, took place in 1990. SPES is a Catholic Public Benefit Organization. 

The initiative to found the Association was born in the circle of people associated in early 80's with Human Assistance Section of The Catholic Intelligentsia Club (KIK) in Katowice (Poland). SPES is Latin word meaning HOPE in English.

we bring hope
we create home

What we are doing and why?

We are convinced that families play the superior part in the rehabilitation and education of disabled children, youth and adults. No institution will solve either health or educational problems of the disabled without this prior participation of their families. System solutions based on such a conviction are less expensive and more effective. Therefore we do not need to create institutions relieving families of their tasks but activate the circle and oppose the phenomenon of the handicapped isolation associated with social attitudes.

The activity of the SPES Association is based on volunteers and families. Their presence creates natural environment supporting the people whose suffering is so visibly manifested. They may provide the disabled with their mental and physical efficiency, offering their time and engagement, in growing sense of joint responsibility for their lot.


Our mission is to promote relations with disabled and suffering persons, as worth of respect and being the signs of human existence condition, inevitable for social health and balance. We want the disabled to live in the feeling of safety and to experience partner-like treatment, arising liking in society open for the value of limited efficiency.

We aim at providing all disabled persons with professional assistance concerning widely conceived rehabilitation, which, benefiting from all developmental chances of a disabled person, shall increase its possibilities to live freely and self-dependently. Bridging the gap between individuals' possibilities and social life requirements depends considerably on the activities of the very concerned as well as of their families and friends.

The shape of legislation and social attitudes may create a climate favourable to families' activities within the domain at issue. SPES Association target is to support the transformations in social consciousness and creating a society open to integration through exposing the specific value of the experience of limited efficiency.

Clients and operating territory

The Association for the Disabled SPES was originally operating exclusively in Katowice and Silesia Region. In 2012 we initiated Children's Aid Programme for poor families from all over Poland taking care of children at home in severe clinical condition.

The disabled and the members of their families constitute our clients. In particular they are: mentally handicapped children, youth and adults; children and adults suffering from central nervous system damage ("brain damage"); the blind and the deaf ones; people suffering from motorial organs disfunctions ("psychically disabled"); seriously ill children - some of them breathing on respirators, living on nutritional support or requiring 24 hours medical care.

Contact us!

Should you be interested in details of our programmes, please contact our Society:
The Association for the Disabled SPES
40-048 Katowice, ul. Kosciuszki 46, Poland
tel. (+48-32) 205 38 80, fax (+48-32) 44 53 754

NIP 634 16 43 216 
REGON 271029982
KRS 00000 14574

You can help!

Every penny counts! So we dare to ask YOU and ALL, to support our idea with a payment to our account. To gain our infinite gratitude it's enough to provide a little sum, or to make a one-time payment. But the best thing you can do for those who are really in need, is to declare even a tiny sum of money but systematically, every month. 

What else you might do for our wards is:

To recommend this idea to your family and friends
To „like” our fanpage
To become a volunteer

Bank accounts: 

Bank Pekao S.A. 
ul. Warszawska 8, 40-006 Katowice

  • Funds for statutory purposes of the SPES Association:

No. 55 1240 2959 1111 0000 3126 0611

No. 80 1240 2959 1111 0010 2904 3289

  • For international transfers the account number must be entered in IBAN format (i.e. with "PL" at the beginning).




Thank you from all at SPES Association!  


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